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Mohammad Hameed Tahmasi’s Biography

Mohammad Hameed Tahmasi was born in 1978 in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Contrary to many Afghan politicians, he has not inherited politics from his father and his family political status. He is not much keen to politics contrary to what many other people may think so. Since his late father, Manager Juma Khan Tahmasi, was one of the mid-level government civil servants, technical and professional traits has evolved more than politics in his behavior. As a result, as he is in the third decade of his life, he has never had the membership of any political parties so far.

Afghan civil wars not only could not stop pursuing the education among his family members, but improved the education motivation among his family members due to his father’s strong support of education of the family members. Living in a diverse cultural environment enabled him to improve his interaction power with different Afghan citizens with different ethnic backgrounds besides continuing his education and got prepared him for taking the high level responsibilities. Mohammad Hamid Tahmasi was one of the few youths who could pursue a different direction while most of the youth used to join to the warring factions during the civil wars in the country. He continued his education in his birth place, Ghazni, and got ready for higher education.

Enrollment in the Law Faculty of Kabul University opened the horizons of learning legal sciences to him. Joining the university, he established friendship with some of the active and good students who act as his strong supporters and enjoys from their technical advices even now. He has sought their advices in different instances and has applied their good advice to make better informed decisions. He has repeatedly mentioned his classmates and previous colleagues as his real capital and the key of his success. Such approach is the basis of his inclination to new ideas and using the recommendations of the youth to improve the foundations of good governance in the country.

His graduation in 2005 coincided with good employment opportunities including employment in international agencies for the youth. Mohammad Hamid Tahmasi was one of these youth who had the chance to employ in the General Attorney of Afghanistan. Serving in the General Attorney he could have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Afghani judicial system and act as a platform of success in his following careers.