Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation


Biography of Dr. Mohammadullah ( Batash ) Minister Of Transport And civil Aviation

Mr. mohammadullah (batash) son of haji bory was born in ( durman batash) village Imam sahib district kunduz province in 1340. He did his primary and secondary education from Basoos School and he passed his high school education from hazrat Imam Sahib in 1357.

He did his education bachelors degree in social sciences from university of Kobaan in Russia; he has completed his post graduation in international relation in 1375 from Moscow. From 1364 up to 1369 he was a professor of history subject of Afghanistan, history of media, history of political theory, teaching methods and history of international relation in faculty of social science in Kabul University and from 1368 up to 1369 he was chief of human science and journalism.